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How to Order

In the following article, we will breakdown the steps that you need to follow in order to place an order on our website.

Ordering from our website is very simple. The first thing you have to do is to initially find the products that you are interested in.

Let's assume that you entered the page of a product that you are interested for. For instance, this here. Now you only have to click the button «Add to Cart» and the product will be added to your shopping cart.

If you wish to buy more than one pieces of a particular product, you first need to change the number in the box «Quantity» and then you click the button «Add to Cart». Every time you press the button «Add to Cart» you add quantity equal to the number that is in the box «Quantity» to the overall quantity that is in your shopping cart.

If you have added at least one product to the shopping cart, at the top of the page should be displayed the overall cost of your products till now, as also as the overall quantity of all the products that you have chosen till now. Also, you will also see the button «View».

By clicking the button «View» you will be redirected to the display page of your shopping cart. From there, clicking at the appropriate boxes ( [x] or [+] or [-] ), you can remove a product completely from your shopping cart, and raise or lower the quantity.

When you will feel satisfied about the products and their quantities in your shopping cart, going to the page that displays the Shopping Cart , you can click the button «Checkout».

In case that you don't have an account at our site (ie you haven't submitted your personal details before) a message will appear prompting you to click at a selection in order to submit your details. Clicking there you will be immediately redirected to the sign up page. If you already have an account at our website, just enter your email and password in the login form at the top of the page, and then click log in.

After submitting your personal details and clicking the button «Send» (or after logging in because you already had an account) you will be redirected to the payment options selection page where you choose one of the displayed payment options.

In the same page, in case you want us to ship your order to a different address from the one that you entered during the submission of your information, you will need to modify the appropriate boxes. Otherwise, just leave them as is. Please note that by doing the above the result will be the temporary change or your shipping address for just the current order, if you wish to change your shipping address permanently for any future order you can do that from the option «Ο λογαριασμός μου» on the top right. Lastly, you click at the button «Continue».

Now you are in the final order page, here will be displayed a summary of your order you. Only thing left to do now is click the button «Checkout» and the order will be submitted to our site. Also, it will be displayed a message stating that your order was submitted successfully, and you will automatically receive, if everything went right, an informational email containing the summary of your order, sent to the email address that you gave to us during your registration.

Details regarding the payment options and the shipping costs can be found in the pages Shipping Costs and Payment Methods.