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Privacy Policy

Personal Data

All information transmitted by the user to Handropolis is confidential and Handropolis has taken all necessary measures to use them only to the extent that is considered necessary in the context of provided services. Some of the measures that have been taken are the following:

Only authorized employees have access to information of your transactions and only to them thus it is necessary, e.g for the processing of your orders.

Handropolis does not reveal information about its customers and transactions to third parties, unless it has a written authorization from you or it is enforced by court decision or decision of other public authority.

The technical support of our system, e.g software problems troubleshooting, is undertaken only by authorized employees, who will have access to data of your transactions only if it is required.

You can anytime see any of your stored personal data and change part of them anytime using the option "My account", after you have logged in to the system. For security reason you don't have the ability to change by yourself your first name, last name, father's name, birth date and your country. You can, however, request correction of the personal data that you can't change in case you can prove the existence of mistake.

Finally, you have the ability if you want, to ask for the deletion of your user account including all your personal data.


All data exchanged between the server of and your web browser e.g. your password, your email address, your name, your street address etc, is encrypted using the SSL protocol and a symmetric algorithm with encryption up to 256 bit. This way you ensure that no one will be able to read or modify any of the data you transferred via the Interent from server of to your computer and vice versa.

At the same time, uses an 2048 bit SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt which not only certifies that our website is secure and encrypted, but also its identity, so the users will know that it is the actual website and not a fake one. All modern web browsers typically, show on their address bar a padlock when you visit a website that uses an SSL certificate. By seeing that padlock you know that the website you just visited is not fake and that all communication between your web browser and the web server is encrypted.

The SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, has been adopted worldwide as the safest protocol for the certification of websites to web users - and data encryption between web users and web servers. An encrypted SSL communication requires all information sent between a client and a server to be encrypted by the sending software and decrypted by the receiving software, protecting by this way any private information during the transport. In addition, all information sent using the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically checks if the data has been changed during the transfer.

Passwords are stored in the database after the application of strong one-way hashing algorithm providing protection from unauthorized access to your account in case that the website receives a web attack. The application of the hashing algorithm guarantees that after the encryption of your password its description is impossible. Due to the usage of this security measure, we provide you the ability to change your password in case of loss, but we can't remind it to you.

Accepting credit, debit and prepaid cards for the payment of an order at is done exclusively via Stripe. Your card number as well as the rest of the information related to your card are being directly forwarded to the Stripe servers for the fulfillment of your payment for your order, and under no circumstances they get processed by the server of The server of at no point has direct access to your card information, which makes it impossible to store in a database that could could potentially lead to it being leaked in the event of a data breach.

For your safety, you should also handle all the information that is provided through the service as secret and confidential and not make any disclosure of them to third parties. Also we recommend you to use a strong password for your account.

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics service from Google. Google Anlaytics uses cookies ie text files placed on your computer to analyze how users interact with the website. The information that is given by the cookie about the use of the page (including your IP address) is sent to the servers of Google. Google uses this information to evaluate your use of our website and generate reports of your activity so we can better understand how users interact with our website in order to improve it. Your IP address according to the policy of Google will not connect with any other data held by Google about you.

We are committed to ensure that our website contains content that is useful for our users. And to do so, we have enabled the "Demographic" and "Interests" data reports of Google Analytics. These reports allow us to collect anonymous data about the gender, the age, and the interests of the visitors of our website, in order to adapt its contents to better reflect the needs of our users. This information is collected by Google Analytics and it is not available to us in a personal identifiable form. This means that we cannot identify which information is about you and which is not.

If you wish to opt out of the recording and processing of your data from Google Analytics, you can install the following browser plugin:

Facebook Conversion Tracking

We are also using a technology called Facebook conversion tracking. This allow as to track how many visitors, that entered our website via a Facebook ad, and have made a specific action in our website in a 30-day time frame.

IP Addresses

The IP address via which your computer accesses the Internet and then Handropolis, is being used exclusively for the collection of statistics and the security of the transactions.


What Cookies are:

Cookies are small text files that are sent from the server and saved from your web browser. Cookies are used to temporally save small amounts of data in your web browser, so all the services that are provided from our website to work correctly and without issues. Some of the cookies are also used to help us understand how our users use our website, so we can decide later what we need to improve to improve our services.

What Cookies are used by

PHPSESSID: This cookie belongs to the session cookies category and gets deleted automatically every time you close your web browser. This cookie is used from our server to identify the sessions of the users. Without this cookie our users would need to give their email and password in every single page of our website every time they refreshed or loaded a new web page. Thanks to this cookie our users can give their email and password only once, when they log in to the system and from that moment stay authenticated against the server until they logout or close their web browser.

cart: This cookie is used by our website for the identification of the shopping carts on the server. Its existence is necessary for any order to be placed successfully on our website.

_ga: This cookie is used by Google Analytics for the identification of the users from it. Google Analytics is a service from Google that allow us to track a variety of reports about how our users use our website, so we can improve our services. You can find more information about Google Analytics above.

__stripe_mid, __stripe_sid, __stripe_orig_props, cid, site_sid: These cookies are being user by the JavaScript library Stripe.js by Stripe and they are required for the success of credit card payments.

cookieconsent_dismissed: This cookie is used by your website in order be able to know, if you have accepted the fact that we are using cookies. So, the notification about cookies never appears again on the top of your screen.

What the third party Cookies are (Third Party Cookies):

When you visit our website, it is possible to notice some cookies apart from the ones described above, that are not related to If you go to a web page that uses embedded content, e.g. Facebook or Google Plus, it is possible your web browser to send those cookies to those websites. These cookies are not used by our website but from those web pages. Depending on what web browser you use, it is often possible to block those cookies if you want to.

Social Media Plugins offers the following social media plugins to its users:

Button Facebook "Like" of the Facebook social network
Button Twitter "Follow" of the Twitter social network
Button Pinterest "Pin It" of the Pinterest social network

Plugins are developed and provided by the corresponding agencies, and they are embedded in our website without changes. When you activate a plugin that belongs to another platform, your web browser creates a direct connection with the servers of the corresponding agency and then communicates with the corresponding services. The content of the plugin gets loaded directly in your web browser, from its server and it is embedded in our website from them. For that reason we do not affect the data which these platforms collect from the usage of the buttons.

Social media plugins give their providers the ability e.g. Facebook, to collect data about the visitors of the website which they are embedded. These data does not get collected by us, but by the providers of those plugins. You can limit the data collection by disabling the third party cookies, by properly adjusting your web browser.

For more information about the nature, the purpose and the amount of data collected by the providers of each platform, the respective rights and your privacy settings, please refer to the privacy policies on the links below:


Date of last modification: 10/1/2020